Left 4 Dead 2 Now Backward Compatible on Xbox One–All Other Multiplayer Games Can Go Home

Today on Twitter Xbox’s Major Nelson announced that the greatest cooperative multiplayer game of all time had been added to Xbox One’s backward compatibility list. Shortly afterward, the President of All Games announced there would be no more cooperative multiplayer games developed for this or any future generations. All of those resources will now be poured into amassing an army to force Valve into making Half-Life 3. Which is ironic, because they gave us the Left 4 Dead franchise. We guess no good deed goes unpunished.

The President of All Games amended his previous announcement an hour later, stating that Dark Souls III would still be allowed to be released, because it’s cooperative multiplayer was “also hella cool,” and the series itself was “super rad.”

Expect to see many, many Left 4 Dead 2 videos on the Co-Op Critics YouTube channel in the coming forever.