Star Wars: Battlefront is Our Game of December

Every month here at Co-Op Critics we choose a game to highlight for discussion. Over the course of the month we post gameplay videos on the YouTube page, and we cap off the month with a podcast discussion of that game.

December’s game is Star Wars: Battlefront. DICE has applied the Star Wars license to the Battlefield franchise to create a peanut butter cup of blaster-filled awesomeness.

We’ve spent a decent mount of time with the game so far, and we’re digging it. While ti definitely lacks the depth of the proper Battlefield games, and the lack of a campaign is a bummer, the moment to moment gameplay is super fun, and DICE has completely nailed the Star Wars aesthetic.

The new DLC that just dropped (Battle of Jakku) brings a new map and a new mode, so we’ll be digging into that this weekend.

As usual, we’ll continue to talk, write and post videos about a slew of other games as well, but Battlefront is this month’s spotlight game. If you picked it up yourself, we’d love to hear what you think about it so far. Comment here on the site, hit us up on twitter, or respond to the vids on our YouTube channel!