Games We’re Excited About: April 2016

April is almost upon us, and for the Co-Op Critics crew, the first “must have” game of the year is arriving this month–as well as a handful of others that have our interest piqued. Here’s our list of games we’re excited about for April:



Quantum Break (Xbox One, PC)–April 5

From the folks that brought us the reality-bending Alan Wake (which we dug) comes a time-bending tale starring Iceman (X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore).  In addition to telling its story through cutscenes, there will be live action episodes that bookend each chapter of the game. It’s an ambitious project for Microsoft, even though it was dialed back from its original scope.



Dark Souls III (PS4, Xbox One, PC)–April 12

Honestly, we could have just put a picture of this game’s box art up and called it a month for this list. Dark Souls III is easily one of our most anticipated (perhaps the most) games, not only because it’s a Souls game, but because Miyazaki has returned to the series for this final chapter. We cannot wait to visit the land of Lothric, and we will spend many hours there, dying over and over again…



Bravely Second: End layer (3DS)–April 15

We missed the boat on Bravely Default, but after spending some time with the Bravely Second demo, we’re all in for this one.  Turn-based rpg combat with a twist, the Brave and Default system allows you to leverage the amount of actions you take in order to end battles quickly, but failing to do so leaves you very vulnerable if there are any enemies left standing after your turn.



Star Fox Zero (WiiU)–April 22

The very long-awaited next entry into the Star Fox franchise finally arrives on WiiU this month. The space shooter will once again have players taking on the role of Fox McCloud and piloting the Arwing through enemy-filled levels. The game makes use of the gyroscopic controls of the WiiU GamePad, but those averse to motion controls can switch to analog sticks if they prefer.

As always, there are more games coming out in April, and these are just some of our personal picks, so please sound off in the comments and let us know what games you’re excited to see this month!