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Games We’re Excited About: February 2016

February is here, and there are plenty of great games arriving this month, including one of our most anticipated games of the year (and not the one you’re probably thinking).

Here are the games we’re excited about in February:



Dying Light: The Following (Xbox One, PS4, PC)–Feb  9

Dying Light was one of the best games of 2015–period. It was so much better than anyone anticipated, and it’s a game the Co-Op crew still plays regularly. February sees the arrival of a huge expansion for Dying Light, and we will be all over it. Our hero Kyle Crane is headed to a whole new area as he searches for a cure to the zombie infection. In addition to a new map that is even bigger than the original game’s, The Following is adding a vehicle into the mix Much like your weapons, you’ll have to repair your vehicle and you’ll also be able to upgrade it. The Following will be our spotlight game for March, so expect to see plenty of videos on this one.


Unravel (Xbox One, PS4, PC)–Feb 9

Nick recently did a grab bag video of Unravel (watch it here), which is a stunningly beautiful puzzle platformer featuring Yarny, who as you probably guessed is made of yarn. You’ll use the yarn from Yarny’s body to manipulate objects, create bridges, swing and slingshot yourself through the game’s gorgeous levels.


Far Cry: Primal (Xbox One, PS4)–Feb 23

This game is exciting to us because it’s a Far Cry game, but two things have dampened that excitement. The first is ARK: Survival Evolved, which is already scratching that prehistoric itch for us. The second is the lack of a female protagonist. Is it that hard to give players a choice between a male and female caveperson? Still–it’s a Far Cry game.


PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)–Feb 23

In 2014, we were blown away by PopCap’s all-ages shooter based on the PvZ franchise. And Garden Warfare 2 looks to be more of what we loved and then some. An expanded roster of characters, more modes and the ability to play every mode solo and offline make this one an instant buy for us. And trust us, if you missed out on the first game or skipped it because you thought it was “for kids,” don’t make the same mistake this time around. This is a great game for everyone, and the fact that you can play it with your kids is icing on the cake.

As always, there are more games coming out in February, and these are just my personal picks, so please sound off in the comments and let us know what games you’re excited to see this month!