MGS V: Getting Ready for the Phantom Pain with Ground Zeroes

I picked up MGS V: The Phantom Pain this week, but I’m not ready to dive into it yet. See, I’ve had Ground Zeroes sitting on my PS4 hard drive for months now, and I’ve been meaning to find time to play it. I was going to skip over it entirely until I learned that you can upload your save from Ground Zeroes to Phantom Pain. Some of the POWs and NPCs you rescue/capture in Ground Zeroes can help you at Mother Base in Phantom Pain.

That’s pretty cool, but there’s another reason I needed to play Ground Zeroes before diving into Phantom Pain–I’m super rusty when it come to my Metal Gear skills. It’s been years since I played MGS IV, and while I put a good amount of hours into Peace Walker, it was the PSP version, so the controls are exactly a 1:1 transfer. I need to brush up on my stealth skills, learn the map and menus, etc. And Ground Zeroes provides the perfect training ground to do that in.

So, I’ll be putting some more time into Ground Zeroes before jumping into Phantom Pain, and I’ll be posting some videos on the Co-Op Critics YouTube page. We’ll have a Metal Gear playlist, as this is a game I’ll be playing for some time to come, and there will be plenty of videos along the way.