Back from the Dead: Co-Op Critics: Mass Effect 1&2

Almost a year to the day of our last post, we’re back–with a repeat. All kidding aside, when Dan and I first started Co-Op critics last year, we certainly intended to have more frequent episodes than the couple we’ve put out so far. However, life got in the way, and it took one of our favorite franchises ever to bring the Co-Op Critics back together.

Today we re-posted our April 2011 episode where we talked about Mass Effect 1&2. On Monday, BRAND NEW content will debut, as our episode on Mass Effect 3 will go live. We hope this is the beginning of more regular episodes (at least one very other month), but time will tell. Games we may talk about in the future include Battlefield 3, Minecraft and the upcoming cold Stream DLC for Left 4 Dead 2.

You can listen to the ME 1&2 epiosde in the player above, or download it here:

Here are the show notes for this episode:

Co-Op Critics is Secret Identity’s gaming-centric podcast that takes an in-depth look at a game or series of games each episode. In this episode (origianlly posted in April 2011), Brian and Dan Evans discuss the first two installments of the Mass Effect series. Next week’s episode will focus on Mass Effect 3.

For your reference, here are some links to trailers and articles that are discussed in this episode:

Mass Effect 1 Trailer 

Brian’s Interview with Mass Effect writer Drew Kapyshyn (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Brian’s Interview with Mass Effect 2 writer Mac Walters & artist Omar Francia on the ME: Redemption comic: 

Mass Effect 2 Trailer:

Mass Effect 3 Trailer:

For more on the Mass Effect series, head over to

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