We’ve Got a YouTube Channel and G+ Page!

Well, we’ve actually had both a Google+ and YouTube page for some time, but they were kind of placeholders, as I hadn’t done anything with them. But necessity is the mother of invention they say, and a recent problem with Twitch led me to actually do something with the YouTube and G+ pages.

There’s a problem with the Twitch embedded players–they are autoplaying even though the setting is set to “off.” This is a known issue and it hasn’t been fixed yet. One of the reasons I haven’t been posting more Twitch highlights here lately is that I don’t want the whole front page of the blog to start autoplaying whenever someone comes here to check out a post.

Good news, though! I can export highlights to the new Co-Op Critics YouTube page, and then embed them here, so we’re back in business. What’s more, all of the highlights posted here will be archived on that YouTube page now, so if there’s something you want to go back to, you’ll be able to. The only real downer is that the videos are restricted to 15 minutes, so for longer videos, you’ll still have to go to the Twitch page to see them.

I’d really like to build up more of a community around this blog and the Google+ page, so expect to hear more about that in the coming weeks. I’ll also be recording new podcast episodes, so stay tuned!

For your reference (and I’ll put these on the sidebar as well, here are the places you can find co-Op Critics: