ZombiU Survivor Stories #8–Caitlin Robinson

25-year-old teacher Caitlin Robinson was another survivor who succeeded despite my half-hearted attitude at the beginning of her run. Like Finley before her, I was not expecting Caitlin to last long, because I was still angry over losing Finley. However, we made it to the petrol station, and then I was dialed in, as the station owner Vikram would only trade fuel for medicine that he needed. So, it was off to the local child care program to scrounge for medication.

After traversing a mine-filled field, we made it into the nursery, which is easily the creepiest environment of the game to that point. Children’s music was playing loudly, toys were strewn everywhere (some blood-stained), and the building itself was creaking constantly.

On our way through the building, we noticed a child’s cassette-player on a table. Turning it on, we heard the last few moments of a panicked teacher who was planning on bringing kids to the basement due to the craziness going on outside the nursery. It was a very effective moment, capturing the chaos that must have been going on the day of the event.

We took out the few zombies that were wandering around, but the trip was mostly uneventful–until we found the medication. Upon grabbing the antibiotics and heading for the door, the floor collapsed beneath us and we were in the basement. It was pitch black except for the light on our Prepper Pad, and there was definitely something else down there with us.

The first real boss battle of the game ensued, as we were attacked by a ghostly, electrified zombie nanny, who would only become tangible for brief periods when she got close enough to assault us. Planting Caitlin’s back firmly against a wall, we managed to fight off and defeat the nanny ghost. It was a nerve-wracking battle to say the least.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I navigated Caitlin out of the nursery and back across the main courtyard to our exit. Unfortunately, the exit was locked, and we had to defend ourselves from a horde while the Prepper tried to hack it remotely. Caitlin took down about half of the zombies before finally getting overwhelmed.

All in all, Caitlin was my survivor for about 3.5 hours, and she killed 55 infected. She will be missed. Her replacement, a 47-year-old constable named Owen Hussain was a victim of unfortunate timing, which I’ll talk about next time.