Co-Op Critics Plays Dark Souls Together

Dark Souls 3 is our game of the month here at Co-Op Critics, and we finally got a chance to spend some time playing together. Nick summoned Brian into the High Wall of Lothric area for some hacking and slashing fun. Together they make their way through the area and eventually unlock the shortcut back to the first bonfire. Much fun is had along the way.

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NOTE: The character Brian is using in this vid is from his Dark Souls 3 playthrough on our sister channel. Let’s Play Quietly. You can see the first few episodes of that playthroughat

Beta Impressions: Overwatch (Xbox One)

Blizzard’s upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch had an open beta this past weekend, and both Nick and I spent some time with it. In the video above, you’ll see Nick playing quite a bit with Hanzo, and having a good about of success. Hanzo is one of the Defense class characters, a bowman who is rated as one of the more difficult characters to play. He also spend a little time with Tracer, and Offense character who wields dual pistols.READ MORE