1,000 Subscriber Special – VLOG with Nick

We can’t thank you guys enough for all the support! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! Here is our first VLOG for the 1,000 subscriber special. In this VLOG, Nick introduces himself and gives a mini tour of his office and gaming area. Also, there are dogs!

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Co-Op Plays Fallout 4 (Joining the Minutemen)

Fallout 4 is our game of January 2016, and in this first video of our series, Brian joins up with the Minutemen faction after completing some quests.

We’ll be posting videos all month over on the Co-Op Critics YouTube Page, so head on over and check them out. At the end of the month, we’ll be wrapping up our Fallout 4 coverage with an episode of the Co-Op Critics podcast. Stay tuned!

Let’s Play SOMA – Ep. 8 (Theta Labs/Maintenance)

My game of the year was SOMA (you can read why here), and I’ve been playing through it for a let’s play series over the past couple months. This particular episode takes place toward the latter third of the game, as the main character Simon is trying to find a way out of Theta Site so he can get to Omicrom and find a dive suit that will withstand the ocean depths he will have to travel to in order to retrieve the ARK.

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