Co-Op Conversations: Miss Fushi Talks Life, Gaming, ASMR, and Potatoes!

In this episode of Co-Op Conversations, I asked Miss Fushi if she would mind answering a few questions about her YouTube channel and her recent success. Miss Fushi’s channel is focused on mostly indie PC games and, more recently, ASMR Gaming videos. I thought this would be an appropriate interview to help us announce the launch of our own ASMR Gaming channel.

In this interview, we discuss Miss Fushi’s rapid channel growth, gaming history, and legion of loyal fans affectionately known as “The Potato Army”. If you’re not already a subscriber, Fushi’s charm and wit will quickly win you over.

For those of you interested in the two Christian games Fushi and I refer to, check out the videos below.

Bible Buffet

King of Kings

So instead of listening to me ramble on in this blog post, just go ahead and listen to the interview! It was my pleasure to get to know Fushi. She’s a wonderful interviewee and an even better person. I can only hope Co-Op Critics one day develops a fanbase as loyal as “The Potato Army”.