Co-Op Conversations: Miss Fushi Talks Life, Gaming, ASMR, and Potatoes!

In this episode of Co-Op Conversations, I asked Miss Fushi if she would mind answering a few questions about her YouTube channel and her recent success. Miss Fushi’s channel is focused on mostly indie PC games and, more recently, ASMR Gaming videos. I thought this would be an appropriate interview to help us announce the launch of our own ASMR Gaming channel.READ MORE

Co-Op Critics Interviews Sl1pg8r - ARK: Survival Evolved

Co-Op Critics Podcast: Sl1pg8r Interview & ARK: Survival Evolved

In the latest episode of the Co-Op Critics podcast, Brian and Nick discuss our game of the month, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Nick interviews YouTube superstar Sl1pg8r.

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Survival of the Fittest (SOTF) Server Name : Zuelg8r

You can listen to the episode right here in the player above, or check us out on iTunes and Spreaker. You can also listen to back episodes on our podcast page.

NOTE: The game of the month for March on Co-Op Critics will be Dying Light: the Following. We’ll be featuring videos all month and a podcast at the end of February to discuss our thoughts on the game.