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The Gaming Cosplay of ConnectiCon

The annual ConnectiCon convention in Hartford, Connecticut is a show I’ve attended for years. My Secret Identity podcast partner Matt Herring and I were the this year, doing panels on podcasting, selling books and covering the show for Secret Identity.

One of the coolest aspects of ConnectiCon is that it’s a huge show for cosplay, and because the show is a multi-genre one, you’ll see everything from anime cosplays to mainstream comic superheroes to gaming-related cosplays. Many of the gaming cosplayers were cool enough to let me take some photos this weekend so that I could showcase their fantastic costumes here on the blog. So, without further ado, here are some of the coolest gaming cosplays I saw this past weekend at ConnectiCon.

You can  head over to the ConnectiCon Facebook page to see more cosplay and event pics from this years show.