Brian’s Short List for February 2015

Holy moly.

I was just looking  at Game Informer’s list of 2015 game releases, and I started hyperventilating. I’m knee-deep into both Dying Light and Dragon Age: Inquisition right now, and they’re taking up almost all of my gaming time (in a good way, mind you).

So, moreso for my own sanity than everything else, I’ve decided to do a monthly list of notable game releases, so I can keep straight those games that are on my purchase radar. I won’t be getting all of the games on the list each month, but it narrows down my potential list quite a bit.

So, here are the games on my radar for February, listed by release date:

Evolve–February 10

Resident Evil Revelations 2–February 17/18

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse–February 20

The Order: 1886–February 20

Of the list above, I would say that I can probably afford one or two purchases, both time and money-wise. Evolve will be a strong contender, just because I know the Co-Op crew will all be playing it. But, I have a Kirby Amiibo waiting to be unleashed upon Rainbow Curse, and I am very interested in The Order: 1886. Since The Order is only a single-player game (which is a good thing, IMO), I may wait until I clear out some of my backlog before grabbing it.

Oh, and did I mention the New 3DS XL comes out on February 13th? Excuse me while I hyperventilate again.