Will Saints Row IV be the Greatest Game of All Time?

Perhaps not, but the folks at Volition and Deep Silver have certainly put together one hell of an announce trailer.

I unabashedly love the Saints Row series, and would name both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third among my favorite games of this generation. For me, Saints Row began with the template set forth by GTA, but then took all the boring parts out, and allowed players to have chaotic fun within the sandbox they created. With each entry, the story has gotten crazier, and this time around, it seems the Third Street Saints have made their way to the White House, which is a perfectly logical extension of the series storyline if you ask me.

I am beyond excited for Saints Row IV, especially since it looks like the game has a little bit of Crackdown infused into it, which is another of my favorite games this generation. Either way, I’ll be watching this new trailer once a day until the game arrives in August. I’m also considering labeling Saints Row 2 and 3  “B-Games” just so I can write a bunch about them in my “Year of B-Games” series.