Gamescom 2018–Saints Row: The Third Is Coming To Switch!

Saints Row: The Third is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

With all the announcements at Gamescom, this is what I’m excited about?


I adore the Saints Row series, and while I think Saints Row 2 is the high-water mark, Saints Row: The Third is a very close second. It’s a completely insane open-world sandbox, with a level of customization usually reserved for hardcore RPGs. So of course, I loved it.

I am so glad we are getting the third installment of the series instead of Saints Row 4, which was nowhere near as good as the first three games. Being able to play on the Switch will be awesome, and I hope this will revive interest in the franchise, so we can get a proper Saints Row 5.


Saints Row IV is Crackdown 3

Perhaps me spending a lot of time re-playing Crackdown 2 recently was just a happy coincidence. but, when I started Saints Row IV this week, the similarities between it and the Crackdown franchise were immediately apparent. In fact, Saints Row IV may just be the Crackdown sequel gamers have been waiting for.

Maybe the biggest addition to the franchise in Saints Row IV is the introduction of super powers. Early on in the game, you get super sprint and super jump abilities, which make navigating the world feel very similar to a powered up agent in Crackdown. Saints Row IV also features golden orb-shaped robots that you have to chase down . In Crackdown 2, these were known as “Renegade Orbs,” but Saints Row IV refers to them as “CID Command Orbs.” They function pretty much the same though, granting rewards for tracking them down.

Using your jump powers to bound from building to building like the Hulk feels very much like jumping around in Crackdown. As you get further into the game, you get a wider variety of powers than what Crackdown offers, but the moment to moment gameplay still feels very much like Crackdown, as you’re often using a combination of your powers as well as firearms to deal with large crowds of enemies.

I was already a huge fan of the Saints Row series, but by sprinkling in a dose of one of my other favorite franchises, Volition may have created my favorite open world action game yet.


Will Saints Row IV be the Greatest Game of All Time?

Perhaps not, but the folks at Volition and Deep Silver have certainly put together one hell of an announce trailer.

I unabashedly love the Saints Row series, and would name both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third among my favorite games of this generation. For me, Saints Row began with the template set forth by GTA, but then took all the boring parts out, and allowed players to have chaotic fun within the sandbox they created. With each entry, the story has gotten crazier, and this time around, it seems the Third Street Saints have made their way to the White House, which is a perfectly logical extension of the series storyline if you ask me.

I am beyond excited for Saints Row IV, especially since it looks like the game has a little bit of Crackdown infused into it, which is another of my favorite games this generation. Either way, I’ll be watching this new trailer once a day until the game arrives in August. I’m also considering labeling Saints Row 2 and 3  “B-Games” just so I can write a bunch about them in my “Year of B-Games” series.