Bloodborne Diaries: Co-Oppin’ in Central Yharnam (Father Gascoigne)

While the multiplayer system in Bloodborne has its similarities to the previous Souls games, it has its differences as well. Instead of using soapstones to leave symbols on the ground for other to see, in Bloodborne summoning is done using bells. And while I received the Beckoning Bell (which let’s me summon other players) pretty much right away, I had to actually purchase the Small Resonant Bell with Insight, a currency similar to Humanity in the other games. And in order to even access the merchant where I could buy the Small Resonant Bell, I needed 10 Insight.

So, after beating both the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, I finally had enough Insight to get the Samll Resonant Bell. As soon as I had it, I headed to the gateway just before the Father Gascoigne fight and rung the bell, hoping to find fellow hunters that were struggling with the boss and were looking for help.

Almost immediately, I was summoned into another hunter’s world, and off we went. I ended up helping a few different people, one of whom wanted to voice chat, which was not possible due to my streaming the play session, I don’t use chat in the Souls games anyway, as the gesture system works great in my opinion, and chat would take away from the experience for me.

Helping others in the Souls games is one of my absolute favorite aspects of these games. I make frequent use of others’ help in the games, and I always try to pay it back by helping others when I beat a difficult boss. I’ll definitely have more co-op videos as I play through the rest of the game.