It’s a race against time as Kyle must find the Mother and then make a decision that will affect thousands–if not millions–of lives.


About Dying Light: The Following
Dying Light: The Following is a standalone expansion for the open-world first person survival horror game Dying Light. The game was developed by Techland, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 9, 2016. The expansion introduces new characters, a new story campaign, new weapons and gameplay mechanics. Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition includes this expansion, the original Dying Light game and all of the downloadable content released for the original game.

Dying Light: The Following First Impressions–Ridiculous Fun

It’s great to be back.

If you’ve been following Co-Op Critics for a while, then you know both Nick and I loved Dying Light–it was #1 and #2 on our “Games of 2015” lists, respectively. Dying Light’s first major expansion The Following is our spotlight game for March 2016, and this past weekend Nick, Josh and I dove into it. I’m happy to report that Dying Light remains one of the most fun games I’ve played in years, and the addition of vehicles only makes the gameplay more insane.READ MORE


Co-Op Critics Podcast: Dying Light

The latest episode of the Co-Op Critics podcast is available for your listening pleasure!

Each episode of Co-Op Critics we take a game or series and have a long-form group discussion about it. This month’s game is Dying Light, and I was joined by Nick Merritt and Josh Edmiston to discuss our experiences after spending dozens of hours with the game over the course of the month. We talked about the Dead Island series’ evolution into Dying Light, the game’s superb traversal mechanics, the fun we had with dropkicks and so much more.

You can listen to the episode right here in the player above, and in a few days we’ll have a version up on our YouTube channel as well, featuring some of this month’s gameplay highlights. In the meantime, you can check out our Dying Light playlist, which features everything from gameplay tips to some hilarious montages of zombie carnage.

Our spotlight game of the month for March is going to be Dragon Age: Inquisition, so we’ll be putting up videos all month and then cap things off with the podcast the last Wednesday of March.

Dying Light Funny Moments! (FUNTAGE)

Dying Light is a hilariously fun co-op experience. If you’ve watched any of our “Co-Op Plays: Dying Light” series, you’ll notice that we often get sidetracked for hours impaling zombies, exploding zombies, and let’s not forget dropkicking zombies. You’ll see all of that and more in the video above, as well as ANY video you watch of Dying Light. We hope you enjoy this montage of funny moments, fails, and kills.

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How To Level Up Fast in Dying Light! – Easy EXP & Money

When starting a new game in Dying Light, the first thing you want to do is level up your skill trees to unlock more abilities and perks. Skill points are earned by doing things related to each of the 3 skill trees (Survivor, Agility, & Power). I love leveling this way, because it means the things you spend the most time doing, are the areas you level up the fastest.
But what about those of us who want to level up much faster and gain some extra money in the process? Well, here is one of the easiest ways to level up fast and earn extra money. The best part is, you can do this as soon as you get to The Tower safe house.

Step 1: Go to The Tower safe house. Once you’re there, go upstairs and sleep until night.
IMPORTANT: Dying Light gives players bonus experience points for playing at night.
Step 2: Go to one of the entrances of The Tower on the bottom floor. Notice the fence traps on the ground at both entrances.
Step 3: Throw some firecrackers to lure some Volatile zombies close to the entrance. You can see the Volatiles on your mini map by looking for their vision cones.
IMPORTANT: The UV Flashlight is your best weapon against Volatiles and other zombies at night. Make sure it is equipped during this process.
Step 4: Once they’re close enough to the entrance, you need to get them to chase you. We recommend using short bursts on your UV Flashlight to make them mad.
Step 5: The Volatile will begin chasing you. Run back to through the entrance to the safe house. The Volatile will have to stop at the entrance.
Step 6: Once you’re inside and the Volatile is stopped at the entrance, activate the fence trap.
Step 7: While the Volatile is being electrocuted, shine the UV Flashlight on him. In my experience, this has helped kill them quicker.
Step 8: Profit. Search the corpse for cash, rinse, and repeat.
That’s it! You can do this as much as possible during the night. Once the night is over, simply go back upstairs and sleep until night again.
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Co-Op Quick Look: Dying Light Companion App

Dying Light was released last week, and we’ve been having a ton of fun with it so far. You may or may not know that Dying Light also got a companion app for Android and iOS, but unlike a lot of game-related apps, this one is actually really useful.

The basic concept of the Dying Light Companion is that you are commanding a crew of scouts that you send out into the city to complete missions. The loot they collect during those missions can be put into a care package that you send to your in-game character in Dying Light. It’s definitely worth your time for the amount of medkits you’ll be able to collect and send your character.
You can see our quick look in the video below.

You can get the Dying Light Companion on Android here, and on iOS here. And if you want to see the Co-Op crew play some Dying Light, we have a playlist over on the YouTube page you can check out here.

Co-Op Plays: Dying Light – Episode 1

Dying Light was released earlier this week, and hopefully you’ve checked out our first impressions of the game. Both Nick and I spent a good amount of time with the game on release day, and a good chunk of that time was in the co-op portion of the campaign, which you unlock after playing through the prologue.

We’ve broken the episode into two parts, the first of which features a lot of us learning to navigate the city and then completing a fetch quest for a pretty strange NPC.

The second part of the episode sees us trying to track down an airdrop and then getting caught out in the city after dark. This leads to a panic-fueled, hilarious run back to the safehouse (around the 30-minute mark) that is reminiscent of Left4Dead.

We’ll be streaming more Dying Light on our Twitch page in the coming weeks, and we’ll post some of the gameplay up on YouTube. Stay tuned.


First Impressions: Dying Light

Nick and I spent almost four hours with Dying Light last night, which was more than enough time to form some first impressions of the game. I’ll get this right out of the way–I thought it was decent when we first started playing, but by the end of our session I was really enjoying the game. Dying Light is a lot of fun.

Mechanically, Dying Light feels like Dead Island with a more elaborate traversal system. The combat feels almost exactly like Dead Island, although I can already tell from the skill trees that there are more layers to it, including a variety of combat moves you can unlock that will make melee combat a lot more satisfying.

Much like Dead Island, you begin Dying Light very under-powered. The weapons you have are very simple and break easily. You’re better off staying away from zombies instead of confronting them, especially if there’s more than one or two in any given area.

But like Dead Island, there’s a crafting system that allows you to repair and modify the weapons you find, and scavenging for materials is extremely important when you’re out in the city completing missions.

So as you can tell, my first impression was that Dying Light was pretty much a next-gen version of the Dead Island series. But there are a couple of major differences, and they really add to the Dead Island formula.

First, the traversal system. As you can see from the trailers and the video below, it’s very Parkour-inspired. Scaling up buildings and vaulting across rooftops is a little clunky at first, but as soon as you get comfortable with it, there is a smoothness to traversal that allows you to cover a ton of ground in a short amount of time. It also reinforces a major theme in Dying Light–stay off the ground whenever you can. The zombies are attracted to noise, and they swarm pretty quickly. Individually they seem slow, but as soon as you’re surrounded, you’re pretty much dead (at least early on). Your best bet is to navigate around groups of zombies.

The second big change from Dead Island is the day/night cycle and how it affects the threat level you face in the city. As you might imagine, nighttime is much more dangerous, but what surprised me is just how dangerous and truly scary it actually is. There are much more powerful enemies that come out at night, and it leads to some frantic chase scenes as you try and scramble away from something that can pretty much kill you in one hit.

I had commented to Nick early on in our co-op playthrough how there wasn’t that “Left4Dead moment” in Dying Light that I had been hoping the game would provide. But the chase that came near the end of our session provided the same kind of thrill I got when I was racing toward the evacuation point at the end of a Left4Dead mission. It was a panic-induced blast, and that was just with two of us. I cannot wait to get four friends together in Dying Light and venture out into the city at night.

So, what seemed like a bit of a slow start was really just Dying Light giving us time to get familiar with its traversal, combat, crafting and mission systems. There is a lot of fun to be had in this game, and once you start to experience the city at night, everything gets dialed up a big notch.

Look for an episode of “Co-Op Plays” featuring the co-op portion of the playthrough Nick and I did, and you can also expect a lot more Dying Light to be streamed on our Twitch channel over the coming weeks.